Clinical Trial Results Are In...Average Weight Loss Was 13-16 Pounds in 28 Days!

Quite a story by  Lisa Cummings, a paraplegic,

 who lost 130 pounds and 90 inches in just over a year!




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“As someone who has struggled with my weight for so many years, I am happy to share this amazing product with you. I know what it feels like to yo-yo diet and be consumed with frustration because I couldn’t figure out how to get the weight off and keep it off. As I aged it got harder and harder. Being overweight has dominated my thoughts and affected every aspect of my life for so many years and I am so blessed to have finally taken control. My relationship with food has changed forever. Thank you ARIIX for the gift of Slenderiix!!!”
~Lynn Allen-Johnson


When I tell people the daily choices for diet and supplements that I know are the foundation of a healthy life, and show them that those things alone provided some gradual weight loss, but doing the exact same effort and adding Slenderiix caused over 70% more fat loss — the response is always the same — What’s not to love about that!

Everyone is so sick of the latest Marlisa Hurtsensationalized weight loss gimmicks like some wonder berry that somehow magically transforms the molecular structure of junk food into a healthy food on it’s way down to your stomach! Everyone knows the basics of what healthy real food is — and it’s so incredible to have something that enhances the effectiveness of a healthy lifestyle so powerfully! Using Slenderiix is like getting major credit for the healthy choices you make each day because it makes your results twice as good in a quarter of the time it would by lifestyle alone!” 

~ Dr. Marlisa Hurt



And some people comment:

“I will lose weight anyway following the 1250 calorie program!”

Well… is my friend, Marilee, a skeptic, that said just that!

She followed the 1250 calorie program without the drops while a few of

her friends did the program…with the drops.

Here is her quick story in her words:

“When I first heard about the Slenderiiz™ System, I was skeptical.  I have never believed in weight loss products of any kind.  I thought they were gimmicky at best, and dangerous at worst.

I really thought the reason people were having so much success was because of the healthy eating program. I mean, anyone who eats 1250 calories a day of healthy food is going to lose weight, right?

In fact, I’d already done just that.  This eating program is very similar to the program I followed to lose 40 pounds . . . twice!

So while my friends were trying Slenderiiz™ I very smugly followed the eating plan alone.  I was going to show them that weight loss had nothing to do with their silly little drops. I lost 8 1/2 pounds — OK, not too shabby.  But my friends lost 15 and 20 pounds!  That definitely got my attention!

A few weeks later, both of my friends were down 30 pounds each while I had regained my 8 1/2 pounds!

That’s when I finally tried the Slenderiiz™ drops myself.  Over the next few months, I lost 27 pounds. And the best part of all?  I have now kept that weight off for over a year.

I have never been able to keep the weight off before.  Ever!  I’ve been on a diet for 35 years, but I always regain the weight . . . which is WHY I’ve been on a diet for 35 years!

This time, there’s no constant struggle.  No battling the scale.   No worries that if I eat one piece of birthday cake, I’ll gain 5 pounds overnight.  If 80% of my food is from good, healthy sources, then the few indulgences that just go along with life are no longer a problem. Slenderiiz™ has been the game-changer for me after years and years of battling weight issues.”

~~Marilee M.

So . . . how do you make it work for you?  That’s exactly what I’ll show you when you place your order for Slenderiix™ with (Go to the TOP of the page and click on ORDER NOW.

Permanent weight loss starts with your first 28 days of Slenderiix™. 

(Note: Slenderiix is the product and Slenderiiz is the program)

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